Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to be Happy, End Suffering & Pain, Happiness, Unhappy Moments Happen

How to be Happy, End Suffering & Pain, Happiness, Unhappy Moments Happen

Every unhappy moment will pass, sooner or later. Happiness is a choice, and you can accept unhappy moments when they happen, but choose to be happy and embrace happiness despite whatever is happening anyway, knowing it's passing. Accept what is, and happiness can happen more often. Unhappiness is real for those who have no food, or have a terrible moment happening. The habit of happiness and the science of happiness is not complicated. It is a choice, so make the choice to be happy when you can, and get through the unhappy moments as quickly as you can.

Suffering and pain in our lives is usually because we are either living in the past or future. Happiness is here in the present. So end suffering and pain when you can and don't indulge suffering and pain any longer than necessary. Stay in the present where happiness can happen more easily. Usually most of our moments are happy moments, but we pollute happiness with unhappiness by thinking about the past or the future. How to be happy means staying in the present more than not.

There are many teachers on the Tedx Ted Talks speaking about happiness and how to live a better life. Take the time to listen to some of these clues, and you will find that the science of being happy and the habit of being happy are laid out in a linear form where you can learn more. Tedx Ted Talks are useful for listening to people who have some ideas for living in happiness. Search for the monk Matthieu Ricard on Tedx Ted Talks.

Christine Breese

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